Meat, Fish &
Aubergine Caviar

This project highlights the richness of Ukrainian culture and traditions, as seen in the vibrant still lifes of colourful vegetables. I also emphasise the importance of preparing and sharing a meal and show the deep-rooted traditions of Ukrainian cuisine. This serves as a reminder of the value of family and community, tying together the cultural heritage that shapes us.

(2016-2019) Odesa, Ukraine

"Meat Fish & Aubergine Caviar" is a project I have created between 2016 and 2021 in Odesa, Ukraine. Through this project I explore the themes of vulnerability, beauty, routine and hope, focusing on the dynamics within family relationships. Within this selection of images, I aim to capture a range of emotions, from the heartbreaking sadness of not being able to see loved ones due to war, to the optimistic anticipation of a future reunion in my childhood home of Odesa.

One of the aspects that makes "Meat Fish & Aubergine Caviar" visually compelling is the depiction of the passage of time and its effect on my parents, who have become isolated from the outside world due to the devastating impact of the war. Through these photographs I aim to convey the profound beauty of their humanity and the intimacy found in their daily routines. It is a tender and bittersweet portrait of their lives.

"Meat Fish & Aubergine Caviar" is a poignant testament to the fragile and beautiful nature of life itself. It reminds us to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones and serves as a reflection on the importance of appreciating the connections that bind us together.

The End of an Era
(beginning of something else...)

2023 - Ongoing The Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine

This is the continuation of my previous body of work "Meat, Fish & Aubergine Caviar" and a more focused evolution of "Mercado", in which I investigate the intricate interplay between food, connection and celebration, especially in the face of challenging circumstances.

Blessed with an international family (my husband is from Brazil and our daughter was born in the Netherlands), our kitchen has always been the most important place in the house, with its vibrant mix of different flavours and culinary traditions, just like in Odesa, Ukraine, where I was born. The act of gathering in the kitchen, working together in the art of cooking and sharing meals has served as a comforting anchor in the midst of all sorts of life's uncertainties and as a fun pastime to celebrate small victories.

Against the backdrop of the rise of right-wing extremism in Europe, multiculturalism has been unfairly portrayed as a failure in some quarters, which has undoubtedly had a negative impact on me personally. As an ardent supporter of a multicultural society, my new project aims to convey the opposite message, to tackle the slander at its root and to make room for a positive sense of multiculturalism as a force that enriches our cultural heritage and broadens our outlook on life.

In this series, I explore the complex interplay between food, connection and celebration, especially in the face of challenging circumstances. It is a celebration of generations of recipes, culinary rituals and the example of the transformative power of sharing a meal that transcends anxiety, fear, loss, war, financial crisis and other difficulties we face today. Multiculturalism, evident in the fusion of these diverse traditions, is at the heart of this celebration, underlining its enriching and unifying effect.


Motherhood DE-Constructed