The End of an Era: beginning of something else...

(or Between Palates & Memories)

2023 - Ongoing (The Netherlands, Brazil)

While working on "Meat, Fish & Aubergine Caviar," my interest in cooking blossomed. I delved into traditional family recipes and collaborated with my husband and daughter to create new ones. Our culinary journey reflects our diverse backgrounds: my husband's Brazilian roots intertwined with Bolivian-Portuguese heritage, and my own upbringing in Odesa, Ukraine, blending Ukrainian, Jewish, Bessarabian, Georgian, and Armenian influences. Our cuisine, much like our identities, is a fusion of ingredients and spices from around the world.

The recent rise of right-wing extremism, which unfairly condemns multiculturalism as a failure, has affected me deeply. As a result, I came up with "The End of an Era (Beginning of something else...)" to highlight the importance of multicultural societies. Through this project, I explore how food fosters human connection in the midst of global challenges. It serves as a tribute to generations of recipes, culinary traditions and the profound impact of sharing meals, transcending stereotypes along the way.