Food is the main source of comfort in the darkest times.


The theme of the photo project titled "Mercado" is intriguing and highly relevant in the context of a global food crisis and its impact on our relationship with food. The project aims to provoke thought and reflection on the value of food in the current world scenario by employing playful edible sculptures.

The project's exploration of the multifaceted nature of food goes beyond its mere consumption. It delves into the deeper connections and meanings associated with food, emphasising that it serves as a bond between individuals. Through the act of sharing a meal, the project highlights the celebration of love triumphing over loss.

The use of edible sculptures and naturally styled compositions adds an artistic and visually compelling element to the project. By transforming food into sculptural forms, I am bringing attention to the significance and artistry that can be found in the preparation and presentation of a meal. This approach may challenge viewers to reconsider their own approach to food, encouraging them to appreciate its value beyond its basic function as sustenance.

"Mercado" appears to explore the complex relationship between food, scarcity, connection, and celebration. It raises questions about our society's reliance on and perception of food while enhancing the importance of shared meals as a symbol of love and unity in challenging times.

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